Rock the Vote!

Did you know that the Woodland Public Library, and most libraries, are funded by tax-payer dollars?

Yes, public libraries are government organizations tasked with the mission of providing free educational materials such as books to everyone in the community. Not only do libraries provide books, but they provide essential services as well. For example, the Teen Advisory Board and all the teen events are funded by the City of Woodland’s tax measure, Measure J.

Woodland citizens had to vote YES for Measure J, otherwise many of the free youth services would disappear.

Which brings us to a very important matter for every U.S. Citizen 18 years and older… VOTING.

Woodland Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board believes that your vote matters!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Rock the Vote an a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to ensuring as many teens, 18 and up, can register to vote as easily as possible.

Click the link to register to vote: Rock the Vote You have 15 days before November 8 to vote in the Presidential Election.

Your vote matters… now make it count!


Healthy is the New Skinny at Woodland Public Library

The Woodland Public Library was honored and excited to host Katie H. Willcox from Healthy is the New Skinny and her presentation on media manipulation, self-love, happiness and overcoming negative thoughts from society.

Despite the heat, over 65 people, young and old, attended and participated in Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, crafts and drank smoothies made from frozen fruit and fresh chard from the library’s garden. We also had a health educator from Yolo County bring information for teens.

The highlight of the evening was Katie’s presentation and the impact she has on young girls and boys and also older men and women, is beyond positive and life-changing. In a post-survey, one 16 year old girl said she “will start being more positive and this helped me  to understand other people’s views of beauty and to change my views to be more accepting of those views.” In other words… True beauty comes from within.

Katie incorporated her personal story as a plus-size model, educated with facts and history, and included personal testimonials from everyday people (every body type) to really get her message across. “YOU are wonderful and can live an authentic and healthy life.”

I admired how genuine and real she was during the event and how Katie took the time to meet and talk with all the girls and people. She truly listened, and made everyone feel valued. We even had some participants that drove as far as Modesto and San Francisco to attend our Health Festival and meet Katie.

All in all, the event was a huge success thanks to Katie, the fitness instructors, teen volunteers and participants. The event was funded by a grant from the California State Library, Friends of the Woodland Public Library and City of Woodland Measure J funds.


Written by,

Rhea- Teen Services Librarian


Katie and Teen Librarian, Rhea


Katie with Hannah and Emily


Katie with TAB members, Elitza, Onica and Roshelle



Zumba dancing with Elsa!



Kickboxing with Marie!


Yoga cool down with Minahki


Teen & Young Adult Health Festival!

Our library received left-over grant money from our Skills for Teen Parents Program that we did in the spring. The only caveat was that we needed to use the money for a life-skills program for all teens by this summer.

Trying to create a program in such a short time span and put the money to good use proved to be a challenge, however the Teen Advisory Board and I did it with the help of input from local teens and parents.

An important life-skill for young people today is social media awareness, especially with how much an influence social media can be. Leading a healthy lifestyle is also important so were able to do an event that incorporates both aspects of these seemingly very different topics.

Through the grant, we were able to get CEO & Founder of Healthy is the New Skinny, Katie Willcox, to come speak at our first Teen & Young Adult Health Festival.  Katie is a motivational speaker and model, where she promotes an authentic, positive lifestyle rooted in self-love and not in outward appearances. Her focus is on raising awareness on the harmful effects of social media, particularly on young girls and women and that everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle.More information on Katie can be found here.

During this event, we will also have local instructors doing Zumba fitness and Yoga classes for teens to participate in. We will have nutritious food and stress-relieving activities hosted by TAB members. Local gyms will also be present. Everything is FREE. While the event is geared towards young people 12 to 21, everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!

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Register here at Eventbrite.

Art Gallery and Miniature Golf at the Library!

Our awesome teen volunteers had a great time building a 9 hole miniature golf course in the library for Downtown Woodland’s Main Street Open and First Friday Art Walk Event.

TAB members, Roshelle and Onica created the initial map of the golf course and 13 teen volunteers met on Friday afternoon to let their imaginations run wild. Initially, everyone tentatively started to stack books- but Greta, the Library Director, told the teens to really go big. Books, building blocks, cardboard, stuffed animals, paint, and all sorts of fun toys were used and the teens really brought their creative A-game.

Local teen, Arnon Erba  designed the flyer for the event and helped set up the gallery show in the front near the library’s rotunda. Teens also brought poetry, paintings and photography that were enjoyed by all.

About 100 people stopped by the library to see the artwork, play miniature golf and also see the new 3-D printer and test out 3-D pens that will be part of the library’s new maker space, Square One, opening early next year!


Teen Advisory Board Graduation 2016

Congratulations to Zach, Onica, Roshelle, Navneet who attended the library’s first graduation ceremony for TAB’s senior members. Two members, Emily and Joseph, could not make it because of work commitments. All six members leave big shoes to fill, as they have been excellent leaders of TAB.

These are just a few examples of the work they have done over the past year with TAB.

Roshelle and Navneet led the teens in organizing the successful Halloween Party where over 250 local teens attended at the library.

Onica and Joseph volunteered extensively and the most consistently for the past Summer Reading Programs.

Navneet and Emily took the lead in creating a TAB presentation and presented at school board meetings, classrooms and all staff meetings to spread awareness of TAB and recruit new TAB members.

All six of them have received youth development training with Rogelio Villagrana and the UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program. All TAB members receive training in public speaking, event planning, time management and leadership skills in order to effectively plan and promote library programs for youth and teens in the community.

During the graduation ceremony, each member was able to confidently give a small speech about what they liked most about TAB, what they learned from TAB and how this would help them in the future. Full disclosure- this part of the ceremony was impromptu, as they were asked to say a few words when they accepted their medals. Just goes to show how prepared and self-assured they have become. Ready for anything!

Parents and siblings where appreciative of the library’s program and how it helped their child to be involved in community service. Younger TAB members, Anoushka, Mia and Amber also attended to support their graduating peers. Anoushka volunteered her photography skills to take all the pictures of the event and Mia brought cookies to share.

Mayor Tom Stallard congratulated the teens on their accomplishments and future goals of attending college. He reminded them to visit their college’s libraries as they are welcoming places that will help them succeed in school.

Greta Galindo, the library’s Director, expressed gratitude to the teens for all their volunteer work in making the library a fun place for youth. Several library board members and Woodland High School’s librarian, Corinne, also attended to show support and congratulate the TAB members.

It was an intimate event filled with appreciation and accomplishment. Thank you to everyone that came to support the graduating TAB members. Congratulations to the class of 2016!

TAB Graduation Invites