Summer 2017

We started with a graduation ceremony for our senior TAB members in June and throughout summer held various events and activities for teens and children.


A popular activity was our Teen Paint Day, where we had one of our TAB members, Amber, teach other teens how to paint.

Teens logged in over 150 hours of volunteering during the Summer Reading Party, Thursday Maker Days, Farmers Markets, Performance Set-up, Homeless Shelter Dinner, Window Display, and Square One Opening.

We appreciate all of you and thank you so much for helping build a better world in your community!

745.5 Square One!

The Teen Advisory Board helped out during the library’s grand opening of Square One!

On Sunday, July 2, from 2-5 pm, the Woodland Public Library opened 745.5 Square One, a nearly 2000 square foot makerspace and community learning lab located on the ground floor of the Library.

A makerspace is an area dedicated to education through creation where users can imagine, explore, and collaborate in hands-on learning, design, and production. The Makerspace Movement has gained momentum in recent years worldwide as a creative, collaborative space outside home, school, and work to explore and learn. This movement aligns with the library’s mission to provide education and literacy to the community. “Libraries have always been on the forefront of providing public access to emerging technology that isn’t readily available to most consumers,” stated Greta Galindo, Woodland Public Library Director.

The name of the space, 745.5 Square One, refers to the Dewey Decimal classification (how the library sorts nonfiction books) for ‘handcrafts’ (745.5) and to the place people return when they need to rethink an idea or try again (Square One).

Square One will provide the opportunity for patrons to learn important skills that can be used in the workforce—from drafting and design to the hands-on work of crafting circuit boards. Square One is designed to be a modular space to bring together the community to share knowledge and collaboratively problem solve. The central design hub, sponsored by Sunrise Rotary, consists of a dozen laptops and 8 work tables that can be rearranged for classes, large projects, or smaller group work. Surrounding the design hub are 5 work areas: a prototyping area, an art and textiles area, an enclosed wood shop, an electronics bench, and a digital arts station. These areas have all been created to be flexible spaces that can expand or contract as classes, presentations, and use require.

The Prototyping area, sponsored by the Dowling family, features a laser cutter for cutting and engraving plastics, wood, and some metals, as well as 2 3-D printers, large and small computer controlled cutting devices, and supplies to design and create projects. The Art and Textiles area, sponsored by the Thordsen Family and Woodland Sewing and Vacuum Center, consists of two portable self-contained sewing machine units, jewelry-making supplies, and other fiber arts. The wood shop contains a CNC-router, panel saw, drill press, band saw, and a full complement of hand tools for woodworking projects. The Electronics Bench, sponsored by Luna Vista Rotary, holds 3 vented soldering stations and supplies for projects ranging from introduction soldering to advanced robotics. The Digital Arts corner, also sponsored by Luna Vista Rotary, holds 2 computer workstations outfitted with myriad programs and applications for designing objects to be produced in the prototyping and wood working areas as well as for audio and video editing. This area also features video and still cameras for use.

This Open House marks the culmination of two years of work, planning, construction, and collaboration with numerous organizations. This project was funded through Measure E and J funds, and the generous financial support of the California State Library and the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), the Dowling Family, Dan Chervinskas from American Industrial Coatings, the Thordsen Family, Luna Vista Rotary, Sunrise Rotary, Meg and Tom Stallard, and Pavel and Alla Tkachuk at the Woodland Sewing and Vacuum Center. The Woodland Public Library thanks our generous community for their support of Square One.

Woodland Public Library Facilities Maste

Woodland Public Library Facilities Master Plan Community Meeting
The Woodland Public Library will hold its final community meeting regarding the Facility Master Plan on Wednesday May 17th at 6:00PM in the Library Leake Room. The facility master planning process will assess the current state of facilities; analyze community and library use demographics; create a common vision based on community input; and consider new library service possibilities. The planning process began in February 2017 and will conclude in June 2017. Community input was solicited through community meetings and surveys. The Library anticipates that the Facility Master Plan will form the foundation of a future building program for the expansion and/or renovation of the existing library to meet the community’s learning needs, abilities, demographics, and changes in technology.
Please join us to learn more about the library’s future in our community.
For more information please contact: Greta Galindo, Library Services Director at 530-661-5980 or

Open Mic Night March 31, 2017

Tab’s Open Mic Night was a great success! We had over 40 people attend and share their talents, ranging from reading poetry, playing the guitar and singing. Everyone had a lot of fun in the spotlight and we look forward to hosting another Open Mic Night!



Open Mic Talent Show


TAB had it’s first all day training for the year on Saturday, February 25 from 8:30-2:30 in the Leake Room. 28 TAB members earned 6 hours of community service as they learned the following skills; leadership, public speaking, event planning and time management.

UC Davis’s Early Academic Outreach Program volunteered 6 Student Assistants to facilitate the training including, Maryam Irfan who was instrumental to the success of the Yolo Youth Rally. 

What made this year’s training special was that we had our TAB members; Abbigail, Anoushka, Amber, Rosaamelia and Mia assist with the training by talking about how they utilized their skills in TAB, school and life. These young ladies have been active in TAB for over 2 years and were able to share their experience and knowledge to new TAB members.

Anoushka describes the training;

This past weekend, TAB had its first training of the new year, and I was privileged to have been a co-facilitator, alongside UC Davis students from the Early Academic Outreach Program. I helped lead the welcome, then led parts of the leadership section and then led an activity called ‘Outburst’. I liked how this training went; I think it was much better than the previous trainings because it was entirely student-led, which gave room for personal stories and a change of voice. 

I think for the next training, senior TAB members should have slightly larger parts that they can take over themselves, and they can practice before hand to make sure they know their parts. I think student-led trainings can be more effective in cases like these, and it would be great to see that for TAB in the future. 


All of TAB is gearing up to use these skills for upcoming events that include;

  • Open Mic/ Talent Show
  • Teen Pool Party
  • Teen Summer Reading Program/ Book Club
  • Homeless Shelter Dinners

We are meeting today to continue planning these events! Stay tuned! If you would like to get involved, sign up and I will contact you.

We meet every FIRST WEDNESDAY of the month at the library. Our next Saturday Training is March 25th, 8:30-2:30 at the Yolo County Office of Education at 1280 Santa Anita Court, Woodland. 


The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank with diaryThe Teen Advisory Board attended the play, “The Diary of Anne Frank,” at the Woodland Opera House. We were very grateful to receive free tickets from Meg and Tom Stallard so that 25 TAB members and 6 parents could watch this moving, true story of a young Jewish teen girl who had to go into hiding with her family during World War II.

Natalie, a sophomore at Pioneer High writes:

I really liked the play of The Diary of Anne Frank because it was interesting and funny. First, it was interesting to see what it was like from Anne’s point of view. I liked how her voice was narrating whenever she was writing in her diary. It helped me understand what living in hiding must have been like. It’s hard to imagine not having the freedom to do whatever you want and go outside whenever you want.

It made me feel bad for Anne Frank, her family, and all the other people who experienced something like that. I think the play made the story easier to understand because I could actually see it happening. The actors did a very good job of portraying each character’s personality and made me see what the situation was like from different perspectives. I really felt like I connected with the characters, almost as if I was there with them. I liked how the play had some funny parts and wasn’t just super serious, although the ending was sad.

I learned from the play that I should appreciate the freedom that I have. It makes me sad that Anne Frank never got to be free and do all the things she wanted to do. Overall, I enjoyed the play and it helped me understand the story better. 


Abigail, 12th grader at Woodland Christian wrote a short essay about the play which can be found here.Anne Frank

Yasmin, 9th grader at Pioneer writes:

The Anne Frank play was very inspiring. I learned a lot more about Anne Frank and what she went through. I couldn’t even imagine living in that time and being afraid everywhere I turned. And worrying whether I would be taken or if I would be split up from my family. Anne Frank must have been really scared but she made the most of it and always stayed positive.

I learned that Anne was a very hyper girl and that she annoyed a lot of people. It certainly enriched my understand of World War Two and the atrocities that occurred. I learned that in the face of danger to always stay positive whenever you are scared. The play was funny at times and sad others. I thought it was really funny when Anne tried to pet the cat and Peter didn’t let her. But the ending was sad, knowing that they were taken and separated. It almost brought me to tears knowing Anne died a month before she was supposed to be released.

The Anne Frank play was sad but funny. I have learned a lot seeing this experience first hand and I would have never thought Anne could stay positive through it all. All together this was a great play and very entertaining. I never thought life was that bad back then.



TAB Recap of February


On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, our Teen Advisory Board prepared and served a special dinner to the homeless at our local shelter, Fourth and Hope. The idea stemmed from one of the TAB members wanting to get to know the local homeless and grew into this service project.

TAB served in multiple ways. One group decorated the dining hall in Valentines Day decorations purchased from Dollar Tree and handmade Valentines Cards. They also gave away free children’s books.

The second group cooked and prepared the dinner which consisted of making meatballs from grass-fed beef, spinach and spices,  stirring a huge pot of gluten-free pasta, and making the sauce from cans of tomatoes. TAB members cut loaves of bread and other members opened cans of fruit and mixed salads.

While we were cooking the meatballs, the grease trap caught on fire! Apparently, it had not been cleaned out from the night before so the grease from the meatballs caught fire. Luckily, staff was nearby to help put out the fire and no one was injured and we didn’t burn down the kitchen.

It was quite the experience and the teens enjoyed giving back to their community. We definitely learned how to communicate effectively and appreciate the operation that goes behind cooking meals for at least a 100 people. Many of the people who received dinner were very thankful and expressed their gratitude to the teens for serving.


Mia, 8th grader from Woodland Christian:

 I wanted to help out at Fourth and Hope to show the homeless community of Woodland that they are loved and that people sincerely care for them. It made me so happy to see how thrilled they were with the food and the decorations we had prepared. I loved working with my fellow TAB members and helping them make someone’s Valentines Day so memorable and special. 

Anoushka, 12th grader from Pioneer High:

On Valentine’s Day, TAB went to Fourth & Hope (a homeless shelter) to make and serve a Valentine’s Day dinner. I helped prepare the food and some of the decorations, and I had a great time! It was a really eye-opening experience for me, partly because I had never gone through the whole preparation process of getting the food ready for the needy. It made me proud to be a part of TAB, and I can’t wait to do it again. 



Registration for Peace of Art 2017


Woodland Public Library’s TAB Rocks at CLA!

Starting from Scratch: Creating an AWESOME Teen Advisory Board by Building Partnerships in the Community

Our very own Teen Advisory Board, presented at the Annual California Library Association’s 2016 Conference held at the Sacramento Convention Center. The CLA (California Library Association) Conference is a state-wide conference held at different cities each year which provides leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library services, librarianship and the library community.

A copy of the CLA’s program can be found here and our proposal is on page 59!

TAB members, Amber Irfan, Anoushka Sharma and Kai Owens, shared their knowledge in teen-led programming and events. One reason why our TAB members rock is because the library is a safe place for them to grow, receive training on skills such as event-planning, budgeting and public speaking and then feel empowered to actually lead and execute teen events in the community.

An important part of this success is UC Davis’s Early Academic Outreach Program and their Director, Rogelio Villagrana  who provides the trainings on these skills. The main goal of the presentation was to drive the importance of training and giving teens an opportunity to develop skills… as opposed to just telling them to “plan a teen event.”

As the teen librarian and TAB advisor, I am very proud of my TAB members! Anoushka, Amber, and Kai are dedicated members and have gone above and beyond on more than one occasion for a library event.We were all a little nervous before the presentation, but since we have spent many hours practicing and preparing, we felt confident. The TAB members understood the significance of their work and also that this presentation will look excellent on their college scholarships and applications for participating as presenters for a state-wide professional conference.

Click on the link above to view our presentation and learn more! We received a lot of positive feedback after our presentation and are excited to continue our work. We have fun and get it done!

Yolo Youth Rally- The Plan

Written September 9th, 2016 by

Rhea Fabricante, Teen Librarian

With school (and the upcoming Presidential Election) just around the corner, our TAB teens are ahead of the curve and busy with planning our upcoming event:The Yolo Youth Rally which will be held the last weekend in September.

The Youth Rally is essentially a youth leadership conference with different life-skills workshops. The main theme of the conference will be voting and elections and we are partnering with Yolo County’s Elections Office to educate youth on the importance of voting and civic participation.

The concept of the Youth Rally began out of conversation and collaboration with UC Davis’s Early Academic Outreach Program‘s director, Rogelio and our TAB members.

Teens want to get involved and make a positive difference! They just need guidance in how to get involved… and voting is one of the most important civic duties that can achieve that.

We had some really great meetings and discussions, and here is the breakdown of ideas that we all went over during a recent TAB meeting:

brainstorming rally

EAOP will be in charge of the logistics of workshop planning while TAB contributes ideas that teens want to learn more about.

So far, we have Travis Credit Union presenting about financial literacy for teens and the Yolo Conflict Resolution Center presenting about Conflict Resolution skills. Experts have been contacted for all the other topics, but we are waiting for confirmation…

TAB member, Rosaamelia, attended one of the Executive Leadership Group that is planning the Elections and Voting component of the Youth Rally. This portion of the rally will provide all the educational resources on topics like;

  • How to register to vote
  • How to find factual information on ballot issues
  • How to read a ballot
  • How does a bill become a law
  • How can teens start a bill  to create a new law
  • How the voting process works
  • How are government officials elected
  • What is the difference between local and national elections
  • What is a measure or proposition
  • What are my voting rights
  • What are the voting dates and times

Held at the Yolo County Administrative Center on 625 Court Street, Rosaamelia got to sit in with:

  1. Jesse Salinas, Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters for Yolo County
  2. Rogelio Villagrana, Director for UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
  3. Rhea Fabricante, Teen Services Librarian for
    City of Woodland Public Library
  4. Joann Ramirez, Student Engagement and Outreach Specialist for Woodland Community College
  5. Lori Perez, Director of College and Career Readiness for Yolo County Office of Education
  6. Steve Rea, Program Manager for Yolo County Office of the Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters
  7. Ana Morales, Confidential Secretary to
    Jesse Salinas, Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voter

This meeting demonstrated just one aspect of all the planning needed to organize a county-wide event for youth and all the different organizations needed to make it happen.

TAB member, Sydney, helped to create and design the flyer that will be used to advertise the rally:


The culminating event will be an Elections Bash held at the Elections Office during the Elections day, November 8th. We are still in the early stages of the planning process for that event but we can share a sneak peak at the event flyer that TAB member, Amber, helped to design:

electionsbashflyer v1

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue with planning! If you would like to help out and share ideas, please let me know here!

Thanks everyone!