The Woodland Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board (TAB), consists of 20 to 25 teens from Woodland. We are an inclusive organization that consists of students from Douglass Middle School, Lee Middle School, Woodland Christian High School and Middle School, Pioneer High School, Woodland High School, Da Vinci Middle School and home school as well.

The mission of TAB is to assist the library in creating events and developing resources that fulfill the needs and interests of teens and to promote the library to teens and the community at large.

TAB receives specialized youth development training from UC Davis’s Early Academic Outreach Program team and their interim director, Woodland resident, Rogelio Villagrana. TAB works closely with civic leaders and have given presentations to the Woodland Joint Unified School District and participated in City of Woodland Council Meetings.

TAB meetings are every first Wednesday of the month from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Sometimes meetings may run earlier or later depending on the level of activities and programs planned for that month.

TAB members are expected to attend monthly meetings, youth development workshops and plan, organize and lead library events for the community. Our agreements are:


TAB members will learn to communicate effectively through email, review books in our blog and engage their peers through the library’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are a Woodland resident and between the ages of 12 and 18, you can apply to become a TAB member below. You will be contacted by the teen librarian, Rhea Fabricante for an interview at the library.

TAB members volunteer their time to be active leaders in their community. We are always on the go and making a positive impact throughout Woodland!