QuaranTEEN 2020

The library is now open for Curbside Pickup!

We are open Monday through Thursday from 1-6 PM and Saturday from 9-1 PM, where you can pick up holds from the library. You can’t go inside the library, we come out to you and give you your books.

More information HERE.

Sign up for the QuaranTEEN Summer with the Library Program! Read, Make, Explore!

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This summer, we invite you to participate in something that might bring a little fun back into your lives and give you an opportunity to try new things from the safety and comfort of your own home. We challenge you to read 5 books, make 5 things, and explore in 5 ways by signing up for the library’s QuaranTEEN Summer Reading Program!

After you read five books you will get a free book* of your choice and a $5 Dutch Brothers Gift Card. To complete the program you must also make 5 things and explore in 5 ways to earn a raffle ticket for a chance to win a raffle prize. You can pick up books and craft kits at the library because the library will be open starting June 8 from Monday through Thursday, 1-6 PM and Saturday from 9 AM-1 PM for curbside pickup.

Raffle prizes include Nintendo Switch Lite, $250 gift certificate for a skateboard from SorD Boardshop, Mongoose Scooter, and145 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set. *Free book value up to $25 from Avidreaderbooks.com or up to $15 from Amazon.com. Thank you to Friends of the Public Library for providing the Summer Reading Prizes!

After completing all 15 challenges (read 5 books, make 5 things, explore 5 ideas), you can earn more raffle tickets by submitting book reviews for books you have read. Raffle winners will be announced in August! We hope you will join us in exploring all the library and the community have to offer!


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TAB Meetings

As a result of Shelter in Place the library and Teen Advisory Board has had to adapt and shift meetings online, using Zoom. We’ve been meeting weekly every Wednesday from 3:30-5:00 to talk, provide support to another, share YouTube videos, read poems, and even got to meet with another TAB group from Solano Library.


The following events were planned by TAB but cancelled due to COVID-19, however we are are leaving it up on our blog to document our plans for the future.

Homework Help

Homework Help is every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-5:30, please email or show up to volunteer!

Homeless Shelter Dinners

If you would like to volunteer please email Rhea at Rhea.Gardner@cityofwoodland.org ASPA, so we can announce dates and times.

Here are the upcoming Teen Events (all teens invited not just TAB):

Girls Who Code: every Monday from 3:30-5:00, if interested please email Rhea!

Minecraft Club: for Teens every first and third Tuesday from  5:30-6:30 in Square One

Lego Engineering Club: for Teens every second and last Tuesday from  5:30-6:30 in Square One

Teen Book Club: every first and thid Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 in the Teen Area. Septemeber book: Frankly in Love by David Yoon (*copies available at the library, please ask Stephanie or Rhea*)

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Leadership for TAB means:

TABLeadershipbyAmberArtwork by, Amber Irfan