QuaranTEEN Book Review by Lydia

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, this book, simply put, is a masterpiece. Dumas writes so elegantly, with unexpected plot twists, well-rounded characters, and great literary devices, and this book is a must-read for the sense of adventure, wonder, and themes of revenge woven throughout the book.

Not only did I get a great grasp of the characters, but their heartaches and triumphs resonated deeply with me, and I couldn’t put it down. The only downside to this book is the different narratives following each character, and many character’s stories do not tie together until the end, which can make this book a little hard to follow.

That being said, The Count of Monte Cristo is hands down the best book I have ever read. It combines a genius plot line with amazing themes, such as mercy, love, revenge, hope, and the characters have such depth to them, and truly come across as human beings, making rash mistakes, falling short of their potential, crying and, for some of them, rising to make the most of a difficult situation.

This book will always be treasured and is a must-read for its depth.

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