On January 17, Woodland Public Library Director, Greta Galindo, presented the Library’s Annual Report at the City Council Meeting with the help of some of our Teen Advisory Board Members and a diverse group of library volunteers and community members.

Every year, Greta reports on how the library is doing, the programs, events, and usage statistics to the City Council. This year, she decided it would be better to hear from the actual people that use the library as part of the wpl-annual-report-2016. It was a lot of work to round up families, children, teens and adults from library programs such as;

  • Teen Advisory Board
  • Rose Club
  • Brown Bag Book Lunch
  • Friends of the Library
  • Sticks in the Stacks
  • Storytimes
  • Coding Classes
  • Minecraft Club
  • Chess Club
  • And many many more!

We had a great turnout of people of all ages to come speak about why they use the library and what kind of impact the library has on their lives. As one community member said, “What a great presentation. Heard from a beautifully diverse crowd of how important the Woodland Public Library is to so many.”

It’s very encouraging to see how much the community values their library. And we are truly grateful to all our volunteers and strive to be a library for all!

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