Woodland Public Library’s TAB Rocks at CLA!

Starting from Scratch: Creating an AWESOME Teen Advisory Board by Building Partnerships in the Community

Our very own Teen Advisory Board, presented at the Annual California Library Association’s 2016 Conference held at the Sacramento Convention Center. The CLA (California Library Association) Conference is a state-wide conference held at different cities each year which provides leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library services, librarianship and the library community.

A copy of the CLA’s program can be found here and our proposal is on page 59!

TAB members, Amber Irfan, Anoushka Sharma and Kai Owens, shared their knowledge in teen-led programming and events. One reason why our TAB members rock is because the library is a safe place for them to grow, receive training on skills such as event-planning, budgeting and public speaking and then feel empowered to actually lead and execute teen events in the community.

An important part of this success is UC Davis’s Early Academic Outreach Program and their Director, Rogelio Villagrana  who provides the trainings on these skills. The main goal of the presentation was to drive the importance of training and giving teens an opportunity to develop skills… as opposed to just telling them to “plan a teen event.”

As the teen librarian and TAB advisor, I am very proud of my TAB members! Anoushka, Amber, and Kai are dedicated members and have gone above and beyond on more than one occasion for a library event.We were all a little nervous before the presentation, but since we have spent many hours practicing and preparing, we felt confident. The TAB members understood the significance of their work and also that this presentation will look excellent on their college scholarships and applications for participating as presenters for a state-wide professional conference.

Click on the link above to view our presentation and learn more! We received a lot of positive feedback after our presentation and are excited to continue our work. We have fun and get it done!

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