Summer of Learning 2016 Highlights

This year, the theme of Summer Learning was “Read for the Win!”

Teens volunteered in June and July during a wide variety of library events for teens and children.

The Children’s events were themed each week: Color for the Win! Games for the Win! Music for the Win! Science for the Win!

At every event, teen volunteers helped with crafts and activities that went with the theme. For example, during “Music for the Win!” teens helped children make mini maracas from jelly beans and during “Games for the Win!” teens played all-time favorites like duck, duck, goose with children.

Teens also set up chairs and help parents find seats during the Saturday shows; Drummm, The Juggling Tornado, and the Xtreme Science Magic Show.

The Children’s Summer Learning Program could not be the success without our hardworking and awesome Teen Volunteers!

Teens had to complete 5 challenges during the Teen Summer Learning Program with one of those challenges being a volunteer at a library event. Many teens volunteered for all 5 challenges but other teens made up their own challenge.

Some cool examples of teen challenges are:

Leonela challenged herself to learn a new skill, “The new skill I decided to learn was knitting! I went to Michaels with my mom and little sister and we each picked out knitting needles and yarn! It was super fun. I decided to make a yellow throw blanket! I’ve been working on it everyday, and right now it is about 18 inches long. Knitting has really helped me be more patient, and it has helped me relax! I love it!”

Rosaamelia challenged herself to clean and organize her room, “I was able to clean my room on Sunday, while my mom was shopping. I put some laundry I had done into my drawers, I did my bed, and cleaned off a large piece of furniture that my grandma gave me. It has a large mirror, and drawers in which I keep my clothes. I was able to clear most of it by organizing things into a basket and sliding it under my bed. I know use the extra room to put my homework and the piece of furniture I use now as a desk to do my homework on. I later went to the store and got myself a light blue trash can for my room, I had wanted one for some time.”

Teens who completed 5 challenges earned a free book of their choice which was mailed directly to their home. There were also raffle prize winners with 10 teens winning $25 Amazon gift cards.

Sisters, Rosaamelia and Diana won the grand prize, a pair of tickets to Six Flags Marine World, generously donate by library volunteers.

Thank you and hope everyone enjoyed the Summer Learning Program!



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