Rock the Vote!

Did you know that the Woodland Public Library, and most libraries, are funded by tax-payer dollars?

Yes, public libraries are government organizations tasked with the mission of providing free educational materials such as books to everyone in the community. Not only do libraries provide books, but they provide essential services as well. For example, the Teen Advisory Board and all the teen events are funded by the City of Woodland’s tax measure, Measure J.

Woodland citizens had to vote YES for Measure J, otherwise many of the free youth services would disappear.

Which brings us to a very important matter for every U.S. Citizen 18 years and older… VOTING.

Woodland Public Library’s Teen Advisory Board believes that your vote matters!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Rock the Vote an a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to ensuring as many teens, 18 and up, can register to vote as easily as possible.

Click the link to register to vote: Rock the Vote You have 15 days before November 8 to vote in the Presidential Election.

Your vote matters… now make it count!


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