Teen & Young Adult Health Festival!

Our library received left-over grant money from our Skills for Teen Parents Program that we did in the spring. The only caveat was that we needed to use the money for a life-skills program for all teens by this summer.

Trying to create a program in such a short time span and put the money to good use proved to be a challenge, however the Teen Advisory Board and I did it with the help of input from local teens and parents.

An important life-skill for young people today is social media awareness, especially with how much an influence social media can be. Leading a healthy lifestyle is also important so were able to do an event that incorporates both aspects of these seemingly very different topics.

Through the grant, we were able to get CEO & Founder of Healthy is the New Skinny, Katie Willcox, to come speak at our first Teen & Young Adult Health Festival.  Katie is a motivational speaker and model, where she promotes an authentic, positive lifestyle rooted in self-love and not in outward appearances. Her focus is on raising awareness on the harmful effects of social media, particularly on young girls and women and that everyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle.More information on Katie can be found here.

During this event, we will also have local instructors doing Zumba fitness and Yoga classes for teens to participate in. We will have nutritious food and stress-relieving activities hosted by TAB members. Local gyms will also be present. Everything is FREE. While the event is geared towards young people 12 to 21, everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!

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Register here at Eventbrite.

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