Color for the Win!

Rosaamelia volunteered during the library’s “Color for the Win!” event as part of her summer challenge. She wrote,

“The crafts were quite interesting. I helped set up the stations and I stayed in the station with the bubble snakes. The kids cut bottles, put towels over them and tied them with rubber bands. Then, they dipped it in bubble solution and added food coloring to it. They seemed to be having a great time which made it fun to be there. After about an hour, we had to clean up our station and put the tables away in the Leake Room. That day I was also able to dye… or color??… a bag with tissue paper. That was pretty cool. And the bag comes in handy and looks nice. I use it to carry my homework or swim stuff.”

Thank you Rosaamelia for volunteering!

Have fun and make a positive impact in your community, it’s not too late to sign up for the library’s Summer Learning Program. 

Book Review- Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

The main character of the series is Gregor, he is eleven years old. Gregor’s father has been missing for two years. One day during the summer, he falls through a vent in their NYC apartment building’s laundry room. Him and his two-year old sister discover a world called the Underland. They go on quests and find out secrets about their family. I recommend this book, it was written very well and has an interesting plot.  This book would be perfect for anyone who loves adventure, fantasy and unique characters.

Written by,

Gigi and Olivia, 8th Grade