Strange Girl by Christopher Pike

Strange Girl is a paranormal love story that is recommended for mature teens, high school and up. It begins with seventeen year old, Fred Allen, walking home from school and spotting a girl at the park, kneeling in the grass and plucking at a few scrawny daisies…He marvels at how she’s “kind of strange.”

The writing style is simple, easy to read  and envelopes the reader into a timeless tale of two star-crossed lovers. However, there is a supernatural twist to this tale. There is a mystery that the reader will hope to unravel as it is told through the first-person narrative of Fred. The more Fred falls in love with Aja the more we want to discover who Aja is without destroying her. Aja, who seems to heal people’s emotional and physical wounds, a girl who seems to illuminate love and peace in every sense of the word while never speaking more than a few words at a time.

Strange Girl is full of heart and suspense. Existential questions of faith tug at Fred as he tries to solve the mystery of who Aja is, and why she is doing the things she does… And yet, as Fred gets closer to learning who is the girl he loves, the more unanswered questions come up. This haunting story leaves the readers hoping for the answer to neatly present itself, however only the reader can answer what it means for themselves.

Highly recommended for teens who enjoy mysteries, paranormal romance, suspense and fantasy!


Saturdays at the Kids’ Farmers Market

The Farmers Market has moved to First Street in front of the library, from 9-12 on Saturday mornings this summer. Of course, the Teen Advisory Board has embraced the opportunity to get involved and volunteer.

TAB teens will help librarians with activities for children every Saturday, including crafts and a story time at 10 am starting this month. Some teens will even have the opportunity to do their own mini story time and read their favorite children’s books. More details on that later.

There is also a Kids’ Farmers Market on the third Saturday where each child gets 5 market bucks to buy produce from a kid-sized stall. TAB members, Mia and Hannah helped kids choose different fruits and vegetables.

Mia says, “I loved working at the Children’s Farmers Market. I enjoyed seeing the kids get so excited about the money they received to spend on local produce & products. One of the best parts was when I opened up a pea pod & showed them what was inside. They thought that was really neat! ”

Kids, 12 and under are invited to spend 5 market bucks every third Saturday of the month.  The Kids’ Farmers Market is free and sponsored by Cache Creek Casino.

Teen Advisory Board Graduation 2016

Congratulations to Zach, Onica, Roshelle, Navneet who attended the library’s first graduation ceremony for TAB’s senior members. Two members, Emily and Joseph, could not make it because of work commitments. All six members leave big shoes to fill, as they have been excellent leaders of TAB.

These are just a few examples of the work they have done over the past year with TAB.

Roshelle and Navneet led the teens in organizing the successful Halloween Party where over 250 local teens attended at the library.

Onica and Joseph volunteered extensively and the most consistently for the past Summer Reading Programs.

Navneet and Emily took the lead in creating a TAB presentation and presented at school board meetings, classrooms and all staff meetings to spread awareness of TAB and recruit new TAB members.

All six of them have received youth development training with Rogelio Villagrana and the UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program. All TAB members receive training in public speaking, event planning, time management and leadership skills in order to effectively plan and promote library programs for youth and teens in the community.

During the graduation ceremony, each member was able to confidently give a small speech about what they liked most about TAB, what they learned from TAB and how this would help them in the future. Full disclosure- this part of the ceremony was impromptu, as they were asked to say a few words when they accepted their medals. Just goes to show how prepared and self-assured they have become. Ready for anything!

Parents and siblings where appreciative of the library’s program and how it helped their child to be involved in community service. Younger TAB members, Anoushka, Mia and Amber also attended to support their graduating peers. Anoushka volunteered her photography skills to take all the pictures of the event and Mia brought cookies to share.

Mayor Tom Stallard congratulated the teens on their accomplishments and future goals of attending college. He reminded them to visit their college’s libraries as they are welcoming places that will help them succeed in school.

Greta Galindo, the library’s Director, expressed gratitude to the teens for all their volunteer work in making the library a fun place for youth. Several library board members and Woodland High School’s librarian, Corinne, also attended to show support and congratulate the TAB members.

It was an intimate event filled with appreciation and accomplishment. Thank you to everyone that came to support the graduating TAB members. Congratulations to the class of 2016!

TAB Graduation Invites

Book Review-Stars Above

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer is a book containing 8 short stories relating to Cinder and her friends, as well as the epilogue for The Lunar Chronicles.

This book contains:

The Keeper-Michelle Benoit and her journey with Princess Selene

Glitches– Prequel to Cinder

The Queen’s Army– Prequel to Scarlet

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky– Prequel to Cress

After Sunshine Passes By– A peak into how Cress ended up on the satellite and just how good of a hacker she is

The Princess and the Guard– Prequel to Winter

The Little Android– Marissa Meyer’s retelling of “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen

The Mechanic– When Prince Kai and Cinder first meet, from Prince Kai’s perspective

Something Old, Something New-Epilogue

This is the perfect book for The Lunar Chronicles fans and if you haven’t heard of this series, be sure to check out the first 4 books (Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter)!

Book Review-The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a fast-paced novel written by Suzanne Collins. It takes place in the future and throughout North America. However, the states have now been set up into 12 districts, known as the Districts of Panem, with a Capitol to rule over them. This well-written book includes action, suspense, and even a bit of romance, which makes it perfect for any reader who loves a bit of everything!

Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old girl who lives in the poor district of 12, knows how to survive. In Panem, each district must offer up one boy and one girl from the ages of 12 to 18 to compete in the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a chance for one tribute to come out on top with riches, a new way of living, and to be crowned a Victor. However, to come out on top, they must survive the fight to the death in the arena against 23 other tributes. When Katniss ends up in the arena, can she survive against all odds and be crowned the 74th Annual Hunger Games Victor?

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

The Hunger Games

Skills for Teen Parents

The Woodland Public Library received a grant from the California State Library to host a series of life-skills workshops called “Skills for Teen Parents” or STeP.


STeP started in January with 6 young moms ranging in age from 17-20 and ended in May with an intimate graduation celebration. The moms participated in 10 workshops where they learned a wide range of skills from experts in the following fields :STeP Schedule Official.

The graduation ceremony started with a special guest speaker, Dr. Maria Armstrong, Superintendent of Woodland Joint Unified School District. Dr. Armstrong said she could not pass up on the chance to talk with the teen moms, as she was one herself. Her story, really resonated with the young moms and inspired them to believe in themselves.

After Dr. Armstrong spoke, each girl came up to speak about what they learned and enjoyed most about the program. While a few were shy, they spoke well and confidently about their experience and goals for the future. Here is an example of what a positive impact STeP has made for these young moms:IMG_2365


STeP is supported in part by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered in California by the State  Librarian and the Friends of the Woodland Public Library and City of Woodland Measure J funds.

Thank you to our numerous community partners and   sponsors: Woodland Joint Unified School District, Yolo County Adolescent Family Life Program, Yolo Center for Families, UC Davis Early Academic Outreach Program, Empower Yolo, Travis Credit Union, Brian Pakpour Law, Yolo County Department of Child Support Services and UC Cooperative     Extension.