Teen Summer Reading!

Summer Reading at the Library:

The Summer Reading program at the library is just around the corner and we have a lot in store for you guys! Each Wednesday of the summer (June-July) we will be having our Teen Hangouts once again! They will be held from 1-3 in the Leake Room. Some of these hangouts will have themes and others will be chill. We will be providing drinks and snacks and any teen is welcome to join.

Also, remember that Summer Reading is also a chance for you guys to earn extra volunteer hours. You can gain a total of 100 hours of community service if you participate, but you are in no way obligated to volunteer to be a part of the Summer Reading program or to come to the Teen Hangouts. Below are the Summer Reading Calendar and a list of volunteer opportunities throughout summer.

Calendar: Teen Summer Volunteer Calendar 2019

Volunteer Orientation:
Volunteer Orientation Flyer.png

Mad City Money: Young Adult Financial Boot Camp

Mad City Money

Travis Credit Union is hosting an upcoming teen financial boot camp in Woodland in just over 3 weeks! This is the only boot camp currently scheduled for this summer in Yolo County and we would love to see a strong community turnout. If you can help spread word of this event with your networks, that would be appreciated. We are also seeking 20 adult volunteers if you would like to support this important community event.

Leadership for TAB means:

TABLeadershipbyAmberArtwork by, Amber Irfan